Mid-Patch Updates


Developer's notes
Mythic is performing well in various ways. Kog’Maw, Bard, Tahm Kench, and Hwei are all powerful picks, so for now, we're adjusting the trait's offensive output before making any other adjustments in 14.7.
Mythic 0
Mythic AP/AD: 12/22/35/35 ⇒ 10/20/32/32


Developer's notes
We’ve seen a few Augments take already strong comps over the line, while some more general (Sharing is Caring, Accomplice) become auto-pick Augments.
Sharing Is Caring
Sharing is Caring Gold per turn: 2 ⇒ 1
Built Different II
Built Different II AS: 40-60% ⇒ 40-55%
Built Different II Health: 250-500 ⇒ 220-480
Drop Blossom (Neeko) Heal increase: 25% ⇒ 35%
Drop Blossom (Neeko) Damage increase: 30% ⇒ 35%
Epoch Free rerolls: 3 ⇒ 2
Extended Duel
Extended Duel (Duelist) Starting stacks: 3 ⇒ 2
Lucky Ricochet
Lucky Ricochet (Trickshot) Damage of extra bounce: 50% ⇒ 40%
Three's a Crowd
Three’s a Crowd Health: 75 ⇒ 66
Accomplice Gold: 8 ⇒ 4
Pumping Up I
Pumping Up III Base AS: 12% ⇒ 10%


Developer's notes
As the primary reason for our B-patch, we’re shipping a few critical bugfixes, the most noteworthy is for our Hyper Roll players which will ensure a far greater diversity of encounters.
Traveling to another player’s board with more than 1 Tactician's Crown no longer causes some units to lose their traits
Fixed a bug where Hyper Roll encounters couldn't overwrite Armory rounds, leading to mostly picking Carousel encounters.
Fixed a bug where Irelia would stop attacking after being CC'ed by Udyr's ability



Developer's notes
New set, new ranked season!
When Inkborn Fables goes live in your region, or after you download the latest mobile patch, you can start climbing
Depending on your rank in the previous season, you will start anywhere from Iron II to Bronze IV. This is true for both Double Up and Standard ranked.
You will get 5 provisional matches after the reset, meaning you will not lose any LP for sub-top 4 placements in your first 5 ranked games of the new stage. You'll also gain extra LP for finishing top 4, so best of luck!
Your Hyper rating will be reset to 500
Note that there’s still a 24h period of delay between mobile and PC going live
Mobile players who have not gotten the new set in their region won't be able to climb the ladder on the old set anymore



Developer's notes
For full details on our new mechanic be sure to check out our fabled (& favorite) author’s piece on the mechanic! But for now, here’s a TL;DR.
Throughout your adventure into Inkborn Fables you’ll meet powerful spirits who will change your game in a variety of ways. There are over 80 unique Encounters, and you’ll see anywhere from two to five of them each game, so regardless of which legendary spirits you come across, expect each game of Inkborn Fables to feel like a unique journey.
Encounters can be anything from small bonuses (rerolls, gold, or an extra component on a carousel) to transformative ones that dramatically change how the game will be played. Regardless of their gifts, rule changes, or offered choices, all players always get the same Encounter!
Encounters have a variety of rarities, so expect some to be less common than others, with the most game-changing ones being more rare. Regardless of rarity, you’ll never Encounter the same spirit multiple times, even if that spirit has multiple Encounter options.
Once an Encounter has happened, though, you can always find a summary of it in the new Encounter Panel, which will also show you which choices other players have made while scouting them.


Developer's notes
We’re making it slightly easier to hit level 9 to encourage the leap more. This should be a slight nudge more than anything else.
Level 8 to 9 XP: 80 ⇒ 72


Developer's notes
We’re using the new set as an opportunity to sharpen Level identities, with Level 7 being the level you stay at to star-up your 3-costs, and Level 8 being the same for 4-costs. Note that Level 9 has a 35% drop rate per slot for 4-costs (where you’d want to be if you were truly trying to 3-star a 4-cost).
Level 7: 19/35/35/10/1% ⇒ 19/30/40/10/1%
Level 8: 18/25/36/18/3% ⇒ 18/25/32/22/3%


Developer's notes
Spatulas on Carousels (Shared Draft) are powerful comeback mechanics (perhaps too powerful), but they also enable access to Prismatic tier traits that should be reserved for the rare and highlight moments that they are. We’re toning down on spatulas from Carousels both to preserve these highlight moments but also to decrease the reliability of loss-streak into Spatula strategies.
The odds of seeing Spatula on a carousel have been reduced


Developer's notes
We’ve got some exciting new Portals and the Gold Start Portal all entering the mix for Inkborn Fables. I dare you to play Fortune in Lethal Legends.
We’ve also gone through our existing Portal roster and updated their names to be less Remix Rumbly.
Champion Conference: Every stage, gain a champion that fits your team.
Gold Subscription: Every stage, gain a randomized amount of gold. All players gain the same amount.
Gold Opener: Start the game with 7 gold.
Anvil Buffet: All items drop as component anvils.
Wandering Vendors: Start with a Training Dummy with 2 permanently attached Support items.
Lethal Legends: Deal +1 damage when winning combat.
Golden Symphony has been renamed to Golden Gala
Prismatic Symphony has been renamed to Prismatic Party
Crescendo has been renamed to Ascending Augments


Developer's notes
We’re removing our set specific (Headliner) Portals, a few of our unpopular Portals, and two Portals (Treasure Armory and Loaded Carousel) that overlap with our current Encounters mechanic.
Training Dummy
Unit Accelerator
Augment Payout
Item Payout
Treasure Armory
Loaded Carousels



Developer's notes
There’s so much canvas to uncover with Inkborn Fables and these patch notes can’t possibly do it all. Good thing we have a supportive ecosystem of 3rd party friends that can give you specifics for the new content not covered here.
League Of Graphs
LoL Chess


Developer's notes
With over 100 new and returning Augments (most of them trait-linked) we need to open up some space in the pool. The following Augments will be taking some time off, but don’t let this news break your heart—they could return in a future set.
All Trait-linked Augments from Remix Rumble (e.g. That’s Jazz Baby)
Binary Airdrop
Blood Money
Cutting Corners
Cybernetic Uplink I
Indomitable Will
On a Roll
Parting Gifts
Reach the Summit
Spoils of War I
Silver Ticket
Silver Ticket I
Vampirism I
Blank Slate
Frequent Flier
Good For Something I
Good for Something II
Last Stand
Return on Investment
Rich Get Richer
Rich Get Richer+
Scrappy Inventions
Spoils of War II
Cruel Pact
Cursed Crown
Determined Investor
Endless Hordes
Spoils of War III
Talent Search
Wellness Trust
What the Forge


Two Healthy
Two Healthy HP: 110 ⇒ 99


Developer's notes
From snowballing Augments like Lunch Money to an Augment where everyone profits (Sharing is Caring), our new Silver Augments open up several strategies for folks to uncover and experiment with!
Band of Thieves: Gain a Thief's Gloves
Lunch Money
Lunch Money: Every 8 damage you deal to enemy tacticians gives you 2 gold.
Branching Out
Branching Out: After 1 player combat(s), gain a random emblem and an item reforger.
Exiles: Your units that start combat with no adjacent allies gain a 25% max HP shield for 10 seconds.
Featherweights: Your Tier 1 and Tier 2 champions gain 15% attack and move speed
Fine Vintage
Fine Vintage: Completed Items left on your bench for 3 rounds transform into a Support Anvil. Gain an item component.
Golden Remover: Gain a Golden Item Remover and 1 random component anvil.
Over Encumbered
Over Encumbered: For this stage, you only have 2 bench slots. After that, gain 3 item components.
Pick of the Litter
Pick of the Litter: Open a special shop with three free 3-cost champions. Choose one to get two copies of.
Sharing Is Caring
Sharing is Caring: At combat start, you gain 2 gold and your opponent gains 1 gold.
Tri Force: Your Tier 3 champions gain 100 HP, 10 starting mana, and 10% Attack Speed


Developer's notes
With Headliners a thing of the past (set), our Augment space is prime for more trait-boosting Augments to unlock trait breakpoints, and maybe, just maybe, grant you access to those coveted Prismatic Traits!
Beyond trait-linked Augments, we’re adding a variety of powerful picks that will help you play in unconventional ways—including the return of Augments like Stand United or new ways to play with rolling via options like Too Much Candy and Heavenly’s Divine Rolls. Augments that echo some of the most fun Hero Augments from Monsters Attack have also returned. Look out for those Lucky Paws Kobuko games or super-drain-tank Midnight Siphon Yorick games.
Altruist Crest
Altruist Crest: Gain an Altruist Emblem and a Riven.
Arcanist Crest
Arcanist Crest: Gain an Arcanist Emblem and a Lux.
Behemoth Crest
Behemoth Crest: Gain a Behemoth Emblem and a Shen.
Boiling Point
Boiling Point (Porcelain): Porcelain units' basic attacks restore 5 mana on hit. While boiling, basic attacks also Burn and Wound. Gain a Lux.
Bruiser Crest
Bruiser Crest: Gain a Bruiser Emblem and an Aatrox
Built Different: Your units with no Traits active gain 250-500 HP and 40-60% Attack Speed (based on current stage)
Call to Adventure
Call to Adventure (Storyweaver): Every 2 takedowns, Storyweaver Kayle permanently gains 2 Ability Power and 12 Health. Gain a Garen and a Sivir.
Dragon's Spirit
Dragon’s Spirit: Gain a Dragon's Claw. Every time you heal 8000 Health with Dragon's Claws, gain an item component. (Max 4 components)
Dragonlord Crest
Dragonlord Crest: Gain a Dragonlord Emblem and a Janna
Drop Blossom!
Drop Blossom!: Gain a Neeko. Your strongest Neeko’s spell heals 25% more and slams for 30% increased damage. Each cast increases the spell radius by 1
Dryad Crest
Dryad Crest: Gain a Dryad Emblem and a Gnar
Duelist Crest
Duelist Crest: Gain a Duelist Emblem and a Qiyana
Dynamic Duo
Dynamic Duo: Gain a random 5 cost champion and another random champion that shares a trait with them. Gain 10 gold.
Extended Duel
Extended Duel (Duelist): Your Duelists start combat with 3 stacks. At max stacks, they gain 10% Omnivamp. Gain a Darius and a Yasuo.
Enter the Dragon
Enter the Dragon (Dragonlord): After the dragon strikes, Dragonlords deal 20% bonus true damage. Gain a Janna.
Epoch: Now and at the start of each stage, gain 6 XP and 3 free Rerolls that round only.
Epoch+: Now and at the start of each stage, gain 8 XP and 3 free Rerolls that round only.
Ethereal Blades
Ethereal Blades: Gain a Shen. He gains +3 range and his spell deals 100% increased damage.
Fated Crest
Fated Crest: Gain a Fated Emblem and a Kindred
Fortune Crest
Fortune Crest: Gain a Fortune Emblem and a Teemo
Ghostly Crest
Ghostly Crest: Gain a Ghostly Emblem and a Shen
Grim Harvest
Grim Harvest (Reaper): Reapers gain 8% Critical strike chance and 4% omnivamp. They gain this bonus again whenever they get a takedown.
Haunted House
Haunted House: Enemies that die while Haunted by Ghostly pass 1 additional Haunt to a nearby enemy.
Heavenly Crest
Heavenly Crest: Gain a Heavenly Emblem and a Neeko
Divine Rolls
Divine Rolls (Heavenly): At the start of every stage, including this one, gain 4 rerolls + 1 for each of your Heavenly units.
Inkshadow Crest
Inkshadow Crest: Gain an Inkshadow Emblem and a Senna.
Invoker Crest
Invoker Crest: Gain an Invoker Emblem and a Janna
It's Going to be Epic
It's Going to be Epic (Mythic): Every time a unique Mythic champion becomes Epic, gain 2 player health and 3 gold.
Long Shot
Long Shot (Sniper): Snipers gain 15% Attack Speed. Gain a Caitlyn and a Kog'Maw. After Snipers have fired a total distance of 1,200 hexes, get a Sniper's Focus.
Lucky Paws
Lucky Paws: Gain a 2-star Kobuko. Your strongest Kobuko’s spell does 300% damage, if Kobuko kills an enemy, they drop 1 gold.
Lucky Ricochet
Lucky Ricochet (Trickshot): Trickshots bounce 1 additional time for 50% of original damage. Gain a Sivir and a Teemo.
Mana Shield
Mana Shield (Invoker): Whenever an Invoker casts, grant the lowest Health ally Shield equal to 200% of Mana spent. Gain a Janna.
Midnight Siphon
Midnight Siphon: Gain a Yorick. Your strongest Yorick gains 25% max Health and additionally deals 20% of his max Health with his Ability.
Mind Over Matter
Mind over Matter (Arcanist): Get a Training Dummy and an Ahri. Your Training Dummies have bonus Health equal to 250% of your Arcanists’ combined Ability Power.
Mulched (Dryad): Every round, gain 2 Dryad stacks. Dryads deal 10% additional damage. Gain a Rek’Sai and a Gnar.
Mythic Crest
Mythic Crest: Gain a Mythic Emblem and a Neeko
Porcelain Crest
Porcelain Crest: Gain a Porcelain Emblem and a Lux
Prizefighter: Gain an item component. This happens again every 3 player combats you win.
Raid Boss
Raid Boss (Behemoth): Your strongest Behemoth gains 20% max Health. Whenever other Behemoths die, they transfer 20% of their Armor and Magic Resist to it for the rest of combat. Gain a Cho'Gath and a Malphite.
Raining Gold
Raining Gold: Gain 9 gold now, and an extra gold each round.
Raining Gold+: Gain 18 gold now, and an extra gold each round.
Reaper Crest
Reaper Crest: Gain a Reaper Emblem and a Kindred
ReinFOURcement: The next 4-cost champ you buy is instantly upgraded to 2-star. Gain 4 Gold.
Reverberating Bulk (Bruiser): Bruisers heal 2% of their max Health every second. Gain a Kobuko and a Rek'Sai.
Sage Crest
Sage Crest: Gain a Sage Emblem and a Zyra
Scoreboard Scrapper
Scoreboard Scrapper: Every round, if you're in the bottom 4, your team permanently gains 1.5% Attack Damage and Ability Power. If you're in the top 4, they have 10% more Health.
Slammin’: Gain a random component. After each player combat, if there are no items on your bench, gain 2 XP. (Consumables excluded)
Slammin’+: Gain a random component and 12 XP now. After each player combat, if there are no items on your bench, gain 2 XP. (Consumables excluded)
Sniper Crest
Sniper Crest: Gain a Sniper Emblem and a Senna
Spirit Guardians
Spirit Guardians (Wardens): Wardens start of combat damage reduction is increased by 12%. 20% of damage dealt to non-Wardens is instead distributed across your Wardens. Gain a Garen and a Jax.
Stand United: Your champions gain 2.5% AD and AP per trait active across your team.
Storied Champion
Storied Champion: Gain a 2-star Garen. Your strongest Garen's Ability now grants stacking max Health instead of Shield. If he has more max Health than his target, his Ability deals 40% bonus true damage."
Storyweaver Crest
Storyweaver Crest: Gain a Storyweaver Emblem and a Riven
The Road Less Traveled
The Road Less Traveled (Sage): Gain 1 XP at the start of each combat. Each unique Sage that starts in the middle two rows grants 1 more. Gain a Zyra.
Too Much Candy
Too Much Candy: Your refreshes cost 0. Every 6 times you refresh your shop, refreshes cost 1 more. At the start of each stage, your refresh cost is set back to 0.
Umbral Crest
Umbral Crest: Gain an Umbral Emblem and a Yorick
Venerable Piggy Bank
Venerable Piggy Bank (Exalted): Your Exalted Soul Core gains gold instead of XP. If you lose combat, it gets 3 bonus gold! Gain 2 Exalted Champions.
Wandering Trainer I
Wandering Trainer II: Gain a Target Dummy with 2 permanently attached random emblems.
Wrath of the Moon
Wrath of the Moon (Umbral): Umbral champions deal 4% more damage every second they attack the same enemy. Resets when they swap targets. Gain a Darius and a Yorick.
Warden Crest
Warden Crest: Gain a Warden Emblem and a Gnar


Developer's notes
Our new Prismatic Augments bring continued access to Trait breakpoints, as well as novel ways to interact with our shop, reforgers, and more! There are a ton of fun ones here, so check them out; special call out to Call to Chaos!
Accomplice: Gain a Support Thief’s Gloves and 8 gold
At What Cost
At What Cost: Immediately go to Level 6. You don’t get to choose your other augments.
Altruist Crown
Altruist Crown: Gain an Altruist Emblem, a Bloodthirster, and a Riven
Arcanist Crown
Arcanist Crown: Gain an Arcanist Emblem, a Statikk Shiv, and a Lux
Ba-BOOM: Your champions deal 75% more damage for 2 seconds on every other cast.
Behemoth Crown
Behemoth Crown: Gain a Behemoth Emblem, a Warmog's Armor, and a Yorick
Bruiser Crown
Bruiser Crown: Gain a Bruiser Emblem, a Bloodthirster, and an Aatrox
Build a Bud: Get a random 3-star 1-cost and 1 gold
Call to Chaos
Call to Chaos: Randomly gain one of the following: 66 gold, 70 experience, 40 rerolls that do not expire, Training dummy with 2x Zeke's Herald, Training dummy with 2x Locket of the Iron Solari, 3x Hullcrushers and an item remover, 3x Snipers focus and an item remover, Random 3-star 3-cost unit and 10 gold, 3x Thief's Gloves and an item remover, 4 random emblems(no duplicates) and an item remover
Dragonlord Crown
Dragonlord Crown: Gain a Dragonlord Emblem, a Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and a Janna
Dryad Crown
Dryad Crown: Gain a Dryad Emblem, a Titan’s Resolve, and a Gnar
Duelist Crown
Duelist Crown: Gain a Duelist Emblem, a Giant Slayer, and a Qiyana
Fated Crown
Fated Crown: Gain a Fated Emblem, a Sunfire Cape, and a Kindred
Fortune Crown
Fortune Crown: Gain a Fortune Emblem, a Sunfire Cape, and a Teemo
Ghostly Crown
Ghostly Crown: Gain a Ghostly Emblem, a Bramble Vest, and a Shen
Heavenly Crown
Heavenly Crown: Gain a Heavenly Emblem, a Hand of Justice, and a Neeko
Inkshadow Crown
Inkshadow Crown: Gain an Inkshadow Emblem, an Evenshroud, and a Senna
Invoker Crown
Invoker Crown: Gain an Invoker Emblem, a Rabadon’s Deathcap, and a Janna
Mythic Crown
Mythic Crown: Gain a Mythic Emblem, a Guardbreaker, and a Neeko
Porcelain Crown
Porcelain Crown: Gain a Porcelain Emblem, an Adaptive Helm, and a Lux
Radiant Refactor
Radiant Refactor: Gain 1 component anvil and a Masterwork Upgrade
Reaper Crown
Reaper Crown: Gain a Reaper Emblem, a Hand of Justice, and a Kindred
Sage Crown
Sage Crown: Gain a Sage Emblem, an Adaptive Helm, and a Zyra
Sniper Crown
Sniper Crown: Gain a Sniper Emblem, a Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and a Senna
Storyweaver Crown
Storyweaver Crown: Gain a Storyweaver Emblem, a Gargoyle Stoneplate, and a Riven
Tiny But Deadly: Your units are 50% smaller but move and attack 30% faster
Two for One
Two for One: Each round, get a copy of the first champion you buy that costs 3 or less.
Trash to Treasure
Trash to Treasure: Reforging completed items turns them into a random Artifact and does not consume the reforger. Gain a Reforger and 2 Component Anvil(s).
Umbral Crown
Umbral Crown: Gain an Umbral Emblem, a Redemption, and a Yorick
Wandering Trainer I
Wandering Trainer III: Gain a Training Dummy with 3 permanently attached random emblems and 6 gold
Warden Crown
Warden Crown: Gain a Warden Emblem, a Redemption, and a Gnar


Developer's notes
PSA: Crown your darlings!
Crownguard: When equipped during combat, Crownguard will grant the bonus AP instead of granting nothing. The shield will still not apply.
Tactician's Crown
Tactician’s Crown now grants stats: 33 Health, 3% Attack Damage, 3 Ability Power, 3% Attack Speed, 3 Armor, 3 Magic Resist, 3 Mana


Developer's notes
Needlessly Big Gem is difficult to use and unwieldy to carry…it is needlessly big. The Gem’s gold generation was hard and inconsistent to proc early (when it’s most impactful) as some fights don’t even last 15 seconds. We’re removing the gold generation aspect in favor of the item being an item version of Ascension, perfect for comps with a strong frontline that have trouble finishing out the fight!
Zz’Rot's old taunt caused a lot of problematic pathing. So we removed it! But without it, the item became an unclickable option, so we got creative. We're now letting the Voidspawn be movable during the planning phase so that you can better position it to tank for your team and allow this cute little void bug to benefit from Augments and Trait auras. This is a big buff for a lil’ bug.
Needlessly Big Gem
Needlessly Big Gem’s gold generation has been removed
Needlessly Big Gem Bonus Damage after 15 seconds: 30% ⇒ 40%
Zz'Rot Portal
Zz’Rot Portal now spawns the Voidspawn during the planning phase
Zz’Rot Portal is now a Unique item
Zz’Rot Portal Voidspawn Stage Health Scaling: 1000/1300/1600/2000 (Stage 2-5) ⇒ 1000/1500/2000/2500/3000 (Stage 2-6)
Zz’Rot Portal Voidspawn Stage AD Scaling: 80/105/130 (Stage 3-5) ⇒ 80/115/150/180 (Stage 3-6)



Developer's notes
Previously when you used an item remover on a Thief’s Gloves or sold the unit equipped with the items it would give you new Thief’s Gloves items. Now, the items will persist for the round no matter how many times you unequip and re-equip.
Thief's Gloves
Thief’s Gloves, Radiant Thief’s Gloves, Blacksmith’s Gloves: Items rolled per glove are now persistent across a combat round, even when moving the Thief’s Gloves around. If you have Lucky Gloves, it is instead persistent per champion.


Stacks on stacks: Loot orbs are now less likely to stack on top of each other.
Masterwork Upgrade
Masterwork Upgrade can no longer be used to pop an item off mid-combat.
Several Booms containing erroneous black rings on explosion have been fixed. The fix was so massive that it was split between 6 patches, spanning back to 13.24 - and now fully released with 14.6.
The following Chibis don't have long trail VFX when doing quick scouts: Kai’Sa, Ahri, Mecha Malphite, Teemo, and Zed. isn't endorsed by Riot Games and doesn't reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing Riot Games properties. Riot Games, and all associated properties are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc.