Set 9.5 Info

Bandle City

Yuumi's Zoom Zone

When you buy XP, gain an additional 2.

Scuttle Puddle

PvE monsters are replaced by scuttle crabs that grant extra loot.

Bandle Cafeteria

Gain a Spatula on stage 2-1. Each round, champions equipped with Spatulas feed Poro Snax to their closest ally and grant them 20 permanent Health for each Spatula component they have.
RyzeRealm Warp: Bandle City
Create a portal to Bandle City under the most expensive unit on your bench. They are summoned to the battlefield with 25/70/200 (Ability power) bonus Mana and are...slightly smaller?
If there are no units left on your bench, Ryze summons a random high tier unit instead.

Bonus Mana: 70 (Ability power)


Finn's Market

Twice per game, Bilgewater Trader Finn will randomly appear and offer Completed, Artifact, Support, or Radiant items. You can choose one to keep for free!

Rat Town

Starting at stage 2, Lucky Shops appear randomly once per stage. These feature units tailored to your army's active traits.

Slaughter Docks

Gain free shop rerolls equal to the stage number plus 1 at the start of each stage! These only last for the round you get them.
RyzeRealm Warp: Bilgewater
Create a portal to Bilgewater, summoning a giant treasure chest to fall on the largest cluster of enemies that deals 350/525/7777 (Ability power) magic damage. The size of this chest is increased by 1% for every 2 gold you have.
Each enemy hit has a chance to knock gold or other treasures out of the chest, and that chance doubles if the chest kills the enemy.

Damage: 525 (Ability power)


House Lightshield

Gain a Crown of Demacia on stage 2-1. If the holder dies, you instantly lose the fight.


Gain 3 component anvils at the start of the game.
RyzeRealm Warp: Demacia
Create a portal to Demacia that protects allies for 2/2/5 seconds. Allies within the zone gain 600/900/9999 (Ability power) Shield. If an ally leaves the safety of the portal, they are healed for 250/375/9999 (Ability power).
When the portal expires, enemies within are dealt 300/450/999 (Ability power) magic damage.

Shield: 900 (Ability power)
Heal: 375 (Ability power)
Damage: 450 (Ability power)


Valar's Hollow

On stage 2-3 gain a component item anvil. On 3-3, gain a Support item anvil.


On stage 4-5, gain a Masterwork Upgrade consumable that lets you upgrade one equipped item into its radiant version.

Ornn's Forge

Randomly on either stage 2-5 or 3-5, gain an Artifact Anvil.
RyzeRealm Warp: Freljord
Create a portal to the Freljord under a random group of enemies for 2 seconds. The freezing winds deal 300/450/3500 (Ability power) magic damage to enemies within two hexes over the duration and apply Permafrost, a permanent Chill.
If enemies are already affected by Permafrost, they are instead Stunned for the duration.
Chill: Reduce Attack Speed by 30%

Damage: 450 (Ability power)


Placidium Library

Gain a Scroll of Knowledge on stage 3-5. Use it on a champion to open an armory offering every emblem that matches their traits.

God-Willow's Grove

A spot on your bench becomes the grove. The champion placed in it contributes their non-unique traits as though they were in your army.

The Dreaming Pool

At the start of each stage, gain a champion that fits your team.
RyzeRealm Warp: Ionia
Create a portal to Ionia in the center of the battlefield, summoning forth a Spirit Tree that affects the 5/7/20 closest units. Allies gain 30/40/300% Attack Speed for 6 seconds and are healed for 400/500/3000 (Ability power) over the duration. Enemies dance, dealing 175/275/1500 (Ability power) magic damage and Stunning them for 2/2.5/20 seconds.

Number of Targets
Bonus Attack Speed
Healing: 500 (Ability power)
Stun Duration
Damage: 275 (Ability power)



Each time players star up 20 units, all players gain increasingly valuable loot.

Cardinal Arcology

You will always be offered a Silver, Gold, and Prismatic augment, in that order.

Serpentine River

The stage 2 and 4 carousels are replaced by voting rounds. Everyone gets a component anvil and the winning reward!
RyzeRealm Warp: Ixtal
Create a portal to Ixtal, coating the ground around the current target in a thicket of vines. After a brief delay, deal 370/570/3000 (Armor Magic resist) magic damage to enemies within and Stun enemies at the epicenter for 2/2/10 seconds with a knockup.
Allies within are wrapped in Barkskin, granting 100 (Armor) Armor and 100 (Magic resist) Magic Resistance for 4 (Ability power) seconds.

Damage Armor
Damage Magic resist
Damage: 570 = 285% Armor + 285% Magic resist
Stun Duration
Barkskin Defenses: 100 (Armor) & 100 (Magic resist) = 100% Armor & Magic resist
Barkskin Duration: 4 = 4% Ability power


Immortal Bastion

Players start with 115 health.

Fleshing Arena

Twice per stage, get a free high-tier champion. The champion's tier increases with game time.


Each time you take an augment, a random arena hex appears. Champions on an arena hex gain an item that they can use.
RyzeRealm Warp: Noxus
Create a portal to Noxus that spews out a torrent of weapons and armor, granting 3/4/10 completed items to random allies with open slots, and throwing 4/5/12 axes towards random enemies that deal 150/225/2000 (Ability power) magic damage each.
If an ally would recieve an item while all slots are full, they instead gain a stacking 10% damage increase for the rest of combat.

Number of Items
Number of Axes
Damage: 225 (Ability power)


Stillwater Hold

Whenever you would be offered an augment, gain a completed item anvil instead.

The University

The first augment offered this game will be prismatic.

Jayce's Workshop

All augments offered this game will be prismatic.
RyzeRealm Warp: Piltover
Create a portal to Piltover that launches an enforcer grenade towards the largest clump of enemies, dealing 275/425/3000 (Ability power) magic damage to enemies within two hexes and creating a containment area for 3/4/8 seconds. Enemies are unable to leave the area, and 15/30/500% of the damage dealt to them is also dealt to all other enemies within.

Damage: 425 (Ability power)
Percent Shared Damage
Containment Duration

Shadow Isles

Yorick's Graveyard

Every time a player dies, all players open an armory containing 4 of the eliminated players' items.

Thresh's Sanctum

When ANY unit dies, collect their soul. Every 40 souls, gain a loot orb.
RyzeRealm Warp: Shadow Isles
Mark the 1/1/10 ally's soul(s) with the lowest current health to be reclaimed by the Shadow Isles. After they die, they return to the battlefield with 40/80/3% (Ability power) of their maximum Health.
If all living allies are already marked, Ryze instead resurrects a deceased ally.
Ryze cannot resurrect himself.

Allies Resurrected
Health on Resurrection: 80% (Ability power)


Warlord's Palace

Stage 4-7 is replaced by a treasure armory round. Each reroll costs 1.

Shuriman Bazaar

Each champion on a component carousel has 2 components on them instead of 1.

Shifting Sands

At the start of every round, champions on the 3 rightmost bench slots transform into random champions of the same cost.
RyzeRealm Warp: Shurima
Create a portal to Shurima, summoning a roaming sand tornado that deals 175/275/2500 (Ability power) magic damage to enemies hit and knocks them up, Stunning them for 1/1.25/3 second(s).
The tornado has a chance to unearth buried treasures and gold as it travels.

Damage: 275 (Ability power)
Stun Duration


Targon Prime

When you reach 40 Health, receive a blessing from the Targonian gods.

Marus Omegnum

On stage 2-5 and 4-5, gain a Tactician's Crown.

The Summit

Starting at stage 3, gain a Lesser Champion Duplicator at the start of each stage. On stage 5 and beyond, gain a Champion Duplicator instead.

Marus Omegnum

On stage 2-5 and 3-6, gain a Tactician's Crown.
RyzeRealm Warp: Targon
Create a portal to the skies above Mount Targon that beckons the current target. After a few seconds, they descend from the heavens as a meteor towards the largest group of enemies, dealing 18/30/100% (Ability power) of the initial target's maximum Health as magic damage. Enemies in the epicenter are briefly knocked up.
If the target is the only enemy remaining, they never descend.

Percent Max Health: 30% (Ability power)

The Void

Hall of the Nine

At the start of each stage, everyone gets the same loot from a highly varied pool.

Unstable Rift

Gain an unstable completed item that pops off and transforms into a random item every round.

The Rupture

Travel to a random location that is not currently shown.


The Sump

There is no interest this game. Instead, starting on stage 2-1, gain 3 gold every round.

Ecliptic Vaults

Every time you select an augment, gain 4 gold per augment you have.

Glasc Industries

Every time you build a completed item, gain 3 gold.
RyzeRealm Warp: Zaun
Create 5/8/25 portals to Zaun, causing hired guns to fire at nearby enemies. Deals 125/230/2006 (Ability power) magic damage and Wounds, 20% Shreds, and 20% Sunders for 6 seconds. The more gold you have, the more powerful the portals become.
25 Gold: +1 portal. Portals fire a rocket that deals 50% damage in a one-hex radius.
50 Gold: Double the portals. Summon 1 additional portals for every 20 Gold more.
Wound: Reduce healing received by 50%
Shred: Reduce Magic Resist
Sunder: Reduce Armor

Number of Portals
Damage: 230 (Ability power)